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MAST Mission Statement

MAST Academy provides a marine setting and a nurturing environment for studies leading to academic success, career preparation, an appreciation of the sea, and environmental awareness. Stakeholders work together to instill a commitment to life-long learning and to advance and improve a challenging curriculum integrated with sciences and technology.

Friday, June 27, 2008

USCGC Bertholf Tour

     This past Friday, MAST faculty, staff, parents and students had the opportunity to tour the Coast Guard's newest cutter and first in the new Legend class, the USCGC Bertholf.  The 418 foot cutter was absolutely amazing.  DC3 Russell lead us on a tour that included the flight deck and hangars, crew accommodations, damage control areas, and the bridge.  We even got the chance to meet with the ship's captain, Captain Stadt.  The vessel was truly magnificent.  he view from the bridge and to see the technology involved in running such a ship was impressive.  It was an extraordinary experience for MAST Academy.  In addition, three USCG JROTC cadets and Chief Lasseter had he opportunity to be aboard as the ship left the Port of Miami on Saturday.  I cannot wait to hear about their experience of actually getting underway on the USCGC Bertholf!  (Click on he post title to see the USCGC Bertholf's homepage)

Friday, June 20, 2008

MAST Anchor Program - Summer 2008 Parent Meeting

On Tuesday, June 17, we held a parent meeting to discuss the MAST Anchor Program - the ninth grade summer school course mandatory for incoming MAST ninth graders. We had an amazing turn out of about 200 parent and students. We discussed many details of the summer program including the class structure and activities, water safety, technology, academic performance, transportation, and the expectations and responsibilities of students at MAST Academy.

The summer school curriculum is broken down into four areas in which students will be working cooperatively throughout the school day. The areas include:

  • Science Research - Development of Science Fair topics, problem statements, hypotheses, materials and procedures, and research descriptions and plans.

  • Engineering and Design - Hull design, Google Sketchup for design plans, boat building (and subsequent racing), and multimedia presentations.

  • Critical Thinking - Personality profiles, learning stylers inventories, career research, tools of persuasion, and time management/study skills.

  • Mathematics - reinforcement of Algebraic skills, technology infusion with graphing calculators, Logger Pro, and Geometer's Sketchpad

This year we will also begin the process of electronic portfolio development by students with the creation of individual student weblogs on the first day of the program. Studnets will use thier blogs to record reflections on their learning, post questions, and track the personally meaningful learning activities experienced throughout their careers at MAST. Students will be swim tested and begin hands on activites in our unique marine environment beginning immediately. Seine netting form marine organism studies is slated to be one of our first experiments.

This summer promises to be extremely exciting for both students and teachers. If the parent meeting is a foreshadowing of the work to come, this will be one of the best we've ever had. I am looking forward to getting underway! Our voyage is looks promising - tight lines and fair winds!

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