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Thursday, April 17, 2008

2008 MAST Academy Science Fair Awards Ceremony Results

Maya Becker, 9th grader at MAST Academy, with her teacher Dr. Khalil, won the Best in Fair Award for her project titled, "Optimum Conditions in which to Harness Solar Energy."

Other award winners included:

Second Place Overall - Alyssa Fowers, "Sociodominance & Sexual Self-schema as Moderators in Sexist Responses to Female Sexual Subtypes."

Third Place Overall - Allison Goodman & Emily Northrop, "Seeing the Light in Energy Solutions: A Look at Solar Pool Heating."

Gold Medal Winners for Superior Performance

Maya Becker, Alyssa Fowers, Emily Northrop, Allison Goodman, Emilio Fajardo, Erin Jester, Lisa Van Houdt, Daniel Barge, Erik Laurencio, Ericka Chiroles, Michael Dorney, Renzo Riroi, Kaelan Beddoe, Nicole Swanson, Andrea Angarica, Jorge Rodriguez, Jonathan White, Audrey Arodonas, and Ledaly Blandino

Silver Medal Winners for Excellent Performance

Mathew Osorio, Sanique Martin, Jodi Spencer, Erica Rosenstein, Armando Hernandez, Mitchell Rosenstein, Paige Owens, and David Tyburski

Congratulations to all the students, parents, teachers, and judges who made the 2008 MAST Science Fair a success!

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