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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Midterm Sail Heading Back to Port

With six of seven exams under their belts, students head into the last exam confident that they are ready and well prepared. Most of the students I talked with are feeling good about their performance and teachers also seem pleased with results. Be sure to keep studying and finish strong!

Results from the Eco-media "Green My School" Challenge are due our any minute! The students and Dr. Khalil have been checking in regularly to see if anything has been posted. Nothing yet, but I am optimistic and extremely proud of the work we did and are doing around greening MAST.

And, in wrapping up for this post, tomorrow is the South Central Regional Center's Teacher of the Year celebration breakfast. Our honoree, Mr. Cruz, along with Ms. Ulman, and a few parents and students will represent MAST.

Final note - exams and the second marking period are complete! I hope everyone has a restful long weekend. On Tuesday, we will leave port for the second half of our 2008-2009 voyage.

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