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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Check-in

Yesterday Mr. Tohulka, Mr. Hamilton, and I spent a bit of time at MAST. A huge thank you to both of them for taking their vacation time to come in and do some necessary work. Mr. Hamilton had the steel drum tuner in and he completed about 1/2 of pans. The second week back we have an appointment to complete the rest! Our band should sound better than ever! Speaking of, I will soon try and post the winter concert video of the band playing during the holiday luncheon. They were amazing! Mr. Tohulka came in the check and do some aquarium maintenance. The saddest part is that the GFI circuit tripped sometime last week and the big tank in Ms. Jones-Roberts' room didn't make it. With both of our big tanks down, we need to begin rebuilding. I picked up two aquarium books to help myself learn more, spoke to Mr. Tohulka, and recruited a friend who I'd a big aquarium buff to help with our fresh start. I also began some research for online aquarium monitoring systems thy would allow us to check and receive emergency updates directly from the tank itself. Finally, this is a call for a group of students to join in this starting over. Please see me if younger interested in working together to make out tanks the envy of the county once more!
Finally, I hope you have all been having a great break! Happy New Year and see everyone back at MAST on Monday!

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