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Monday, November 9, 2009

MAST Academy's Electric Savings - September 2009

MAST received its first energy conservation report from downtown and it was excellent.  As you can see from the graph below, MAST came in 5.8% below our target.  We saved a total of $1129.18.  As per the email below, the school site will get to keep 75% of the savings - MAST's first month, for September 2009, resulted in a reinvestment of $846.89 for the school.  Congratulations to all the Makos.  We all win when we meet our energy goals.  Let's keep on this path and do even better!

"Attached please find an updated report reflecting the September, 2009 energy 

consumption for your site. As previously noted, each month you will receive similar updates 

so that you may monitor actual consumption vs. the targets, as well as monitor any cumulative rebates.
Remember that your site gets to keep 75% of any savings achieved beyond the targets."

What a great way for us to play to a win-win.  Less impact on our environment and increased funding for MAST!  All well within our control!  Keep it up!

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