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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MAST Students taking the Initiative

Over the past several weeks, I have been speaking with many of the students about two things in particular:  initiative and perseverance.  Makos are incredible students who are leaders in their communities.  I have made the argument that for them to continue to learn and grow, they must take initiative for projects they wish to see done and that hold value for the community - be it home or school!  Once they take this responsibility, they must have the strength to see the project through, to persevere through the unforseen obstacles and unanticipated setbacks with which initiative often comes.

This in mind, I'd like to thanks and congratulate the Class of 2011 and cadets of the USCG JROTC who saw the need to spruce up the sand volleyball court.  Through their efforts, the court is looking as good as ever and is in top shape ready to be used in class, after school, or during activities period.  Congratulations for taking the initiative and making MAST better for it.

Congratulations to the following students who took on the project and saw it through to completion:
Paige Owens
Alexander Schwindeman
Ryan Leibowitz
Gabriela Aroca
Quinlan Canary
Rodrigo Silva Urlaneja
Max Cruz
Christian Archer
Joey Fernandez
Katie Goldberg
Alexadra Lara
Kevin Alvarez
David Escudero

Way to lead the way Makos!

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Editor said...

Coast Guard Report dot Org is writing a story on one of your Coast Guard JROTC instructors who purports to be a Chief Petty Officer although a retired First Class.

We would like to get your comments on this issue and the possible ramifications on your student population given Coast Guards Core Values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to duty.

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