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Friday, April 30, 2010

Voting is Closed!

The voting window for the Commencement Challenge is closed!  It certainly has been a terrific adventure.  I for one have learned quite a bit.  I am also impressed and grateful for the way the entire community has come out in support of our school.  Honestly, it has been inspriring.  Thank you to all for your emails, links, phone calls, texts, facebook, and every other way which you used to drum up support.  There is something to be noted in how we all have come together.  My humble thanks and appreciation to each and every one of our supporters.  Now, let's hope that MAST makes it to the final three!  Good night! 

Fair winds and tight lines.

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Rosa M said...

My daughter Jenise is a freshman and I am impressed at how excited she's been about the "Race to the Top" voting and possible visit from President Obama. I really hope we make it to the final round. Best of luck MAKOS!!!

Oh, Mr. Fisher, you are an awesome principal, you have a special way of motivating these kids that is original and refreshing. Kudos to you for your part in this event, the kids could not have done it without your support.

Mrs. Rivas

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