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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reflections on the 2009-2010 Year at Sea

Another year, MAST's 19th, has just come back to port in final celebration of much learning and particularly for the accomplishments of faculty, staff, parents, and the Class of 2010.  Far from being free of the stresses that have been in the news and all over our world, MAST has weathered all that we have encountered.  As a community, we have made progress in many directions and continued a tradition of excellence in the sea of change that churns about us.  The credit for this voyage and those before lies with the passion and persistence of committed individuals that seek the lighthouse of learning through any and all conditions.  To the faculty, staff, parents, and students of MAST, thank you for your drive.

This year MAST will prepare for another voyage without three figures who have been large contributors to our school.  Mrs. Van Smith, Dr. Alvarez-Detrell, and Mr. Cruz, thank you for your years of service.  we will definitely miss you as we prepare and begin future voyages.  Best of luck and know that MAST will always be here as an open port of call if ever you venture near.  To the MAST Crew members who continue to sail on with us, thank you for making learning your top priority and for an unrelenting focus on student performance.  The success of each voyage is firmly in your steady, capable hands.  Our community appreciates you more than we could ever possibly show.

Class of 2010 - thank you for a fantastic four years that include some amazing highs and tremendous accomplishments.  As I spoke about at graduation, these four years have passed very quickly and your presence will be missed as we set sail once again.  Just as your peers in the past, remember your time and honor all that you have received in your time at MAST.

MAST parents - It has been a year for the record books.  Never have I seen such dedication and support from so many parents whose only goal is the growth and betterment of a school community.  Working with all the groups have been a joy and, in looking forward to next year, please know that we are eternally grateful for all that you do and the investment of time and energy that you provide.  MAST could not be all it is without you.

As we prepare to welcome the Class of 2014 and begin our 20th year, MAST holds more potential than ever.  Now is the time to charge our batteries, lay the ground work, and forge ahead with the plans that will make the 2010-2011 school year the best of all!

Have a happy and restful summer in port!

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