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MAST Academy provides a marine setting and a nurturing environment for studies leading to academic success, career preparation, an appreciation of the sea, and environmental awareness. Stakeholders work together to instill a commitment to life-long learning and to advance and improve a challenging curriculum integrated with sciences and technology.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Anchor Heads to Sea

Day one of the 2010 MAST Summer Anchor has come and gone.  Congratulations to the Class of 2014 and the other students who have joined us for the adventure.  This year looks to be stronger than ever with an instructional crew that is second to none.  As I spoke to all about yesterday as we got underway, now it is time for each student to begin to explore what their individual passion or passions might be and to begin to plot a course to fulfill those dreams.  This will take more than just a plan.  Once plotted, action on a course must be undertaken!  Action and correction and modification for what doesn't work as a student has planned - persistence!  A journey of a lifetime, such as you have set sail upon with the opening of the Summer Anchor, will not be without its rough seas and stormy weather.  What will you need to do to persist in the face of adversity to ensure that you achieve your goals, to ensure that your passion comes to fruition? The final element is effort.  Education, knowledge, and the subsequent wisdom are results of concerted effort.  They come from the drive to learn.  To learn, make mistakes, reflect upon your last steps, make connections, and grow in the knowledge of how information and experience will combine inside you and manifest itself in new actions that you show to the world as you learn.  Remember, MAST is about learning and over the course of the next four years the voyage will require passion, persistence, and effort!

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